Hi! I’m Heather Carvey.

If you’re anything like me, you’re trying like hell to be the best mom you can be, but somedays it’s just easier to toss a hotdog their way and call it a day.

I hear ya. And I’m here to tell you,… there’s hope.

As a holistic health coach and mom, it is my goal to ensure my kids grow up happy, healthy, toxin free and with just enough damage to be fun to hang out with later in life.









Eating healthy is hard. Cooking healthy is even harder. And cooking healthy meals with 2 screaming toddlers? FORGET IT.

(Dont throw in the towel just yet mom).

Through trials and a whole heck of a lot of errors, I’ve found that sweet spot.


That sweet spot where my kids are arguing over who gets the last sip of the kombucha and who made the prettier parfait in the mornings. The one where I don’t have to worry about their exposure to toxins, additives, preservatives, and red yellow blue rainbow #5 in their food without breaking the bank. I found that sweet spot where not only are my kids happy and healthy, but IM happy and healthy too…

…even when I “forget” to go to the gym

….for over a year.

Motherhood can be scary. You pop the kid out… nurse em for as long as you can… and then what?

img_3570-1You’re thrown to the wolves.

Aisles of brightly colored sugar junk packed on every grocery aisle RIGHT AT THEIR EYE LEVEL. Commercials fighting your efforts every step of the way. Picky eaters. Desperation…. we’ve all been there.

When I entered into this messed up video game called motherhood SOLO without the cheat codes and crying at night wondering who in their right mind trusted me with a human being when I couldnt even feed myself for a good majority of my life…. I knew there had to be a better way.

I enrolled at Le Cordon Bleu luckily before I had my first daughter. So I img_4668-2had a basic understanding of how to cook food… but I gained 25 pounds in culinary school (mmmm delicious butter).

I enrolled at Ashford University for a degree in alternative health when I found out I was pregnant. And the Institute for Integrative Nutrition shortly thereafter.

img_0996I have literally dedicated my life to a career around figuring out how to get my kids to eat healthy food, how to avoid all the crap while battling my 4 year old over a box of cheezits, how to detox our lives so nothing stood in our way to better health.

Hello? No mom wants sick kids.

I was hungry for knowledge.

So I’m here to share the last 7 years of knowledge I’ve acquired. Teach you the ins and outs. Tell you it’s ok, just scream out that cuss word into your glass of wine. Tomorrow is a new day. And I plan on guiding you to an easier, less stressful, healthier one…. Kids included (if you haven’t sold them yet).