What would your life look like if you had a dietary coach you could turn to every time you had food questions for 4 weeks?

What would your life look like if you had someone to walk you through every step of the journey, from purchase to prep, in transitioning to a plant-based diet, so you can remove the overwhelm and focus on your Naturally Badass Life?

Has this ever happened to you?

  • You go to the grocery store set out to make healthier choices, but you forgot your list at home, and end up buying the exact same ingredients week after week.
  • You’re trying to come up with ideas for dinner but get overwhelmed because you know one kid won’t eat any green veg and the other kid has texture issues, the house is a wreck, you haven’t showered in 3 days, so you just say fuck it and order pizza…. for the second time that week.
  • You’re stuck on a bunch of medications and recently watched a couple food documentaries about the link between food and your health and want to try making healthier choices but there’s so much confusing information out there and it all seems overwhelming, so you vow to start fresh tomorrow…like you’ve said about 7x since the new year started.
  • You wanna eat healthier but the idea of giving up your favorite foods just seems traumatic and restrictive.
  • You see a ton of recipes on FB while you’re scrolling but there’s no way you could make something that looks like that, after all, you burn cereal. You don’t have the money to go to culinary school, so you settle for premade processed meals from the freezer that say catchy marketing phrases like “healthier” and “good source of vitamin d” and “lean” on the front, so they must be good for you, right?
  • The very idea of cutting meat has you salivating and starving, like your intestines are eating your spinal cord. How on earth are you supposed to go vegan without ripping your hair out or wanting to eat the couch?


Maybe you’re having this conversation in your head…does this sound like you?

Won’t I starve?

That cant be healthy.

But I’ve done this my entire life!

Where do you get your protein?

I heard a story once about a vegan getting sick and dying.

That stuff looks like it tastes like cardboard.

Don’t I NEED dairy products for my bones?

I thought humane and pasture raised stuff was okay.

Imagine if you had DIRECT ACCESS to a chef and coach 5 days a week to personally walk you through all the things that make you want to rip your hair out and hide in the pantry eating snickers on the floor, praying the kids don’t hear you and demand you share.

Imagine if you had DIRECT ACCESS to a coach that can walk you through the grocery store chaos and let you know if the choices you’re making are genuinely better choices or just marketing fluff.

Imagine if you had DIRECT ACCESS to a chef that could walk you through what to do in a pinch while you’re making dinner and you don’t quite know what to do.

What would that do for your sanity? For your stress levels? For your confusion? Im willing to bet it would be a GAME CHANGER.

Hi, my name is Heather Carvey and I am obsessed with teaching women how to make the transition to a more mindful, healthy, whole-foods plant-based diet and lifestyle and to create lasting changes and skillsets that enable my clients to feel empowered.

My story started when I was young. My fondest memories with my mother were held in the kitchen, but like you, I grew up eating HORRENDOUS food. I went to school with a lunchbox full of white bread, yellow mustard and bologna sandwiches, cans of pepsi, an apple and a bag of lays potato chips. Every day. Home meals were centered around what could be made cheap, fast and feed an army. Meatloaf, casserole, enchiladas, more casserole. I remember vividly boxes of little debbies crowding the cabinets and pizza on the living room floor watching the simpsons and listening to michael jackson.

I grew up on the Standard American Diet. It didnt help me learn how to feed myself as an adult and it certainly taught me nothing about health or what my choices were doing to the environment or animals.

I spent a couple years in Las Vegas, strung out on coke, and surviving on ramen noodles, jack n the box, and cans of tuna with ranch mixed right in. Eventually I got sick of feeling like shit. Sick of being sick. Inside AND out. And I moved home to san diego, quit the crap cold turkey, and set out to feel better. I found a book on buddhism and started shifting my life.

In my replacement of filling my time, I would spend hours watching pre-recorded cooking shows, pausing every 5 minutes to frantically scribble recipes in a notebook to try later. After a suggestion by my ex husband and a feeling of not having a purpose, I decided to enroll in culinary school in Los Angeles at Le Cordon Bleu.

I absolutely LOVED my time there but I gained 25 pounds on my tiny frame and my spirit was broken with being in the back and unable to see their faces. I decided I wanted to teach. To show the world how to cook healthy meals instead of just feeding them gluttonous plates. Right out of culinary school I found Food Inc, and it was all over for me. I sought out to spark a change in the world. The food industry INFURIATED me. Something HAD to change. People needed to know what was really happening.

I have spent the last 16 years on and off vegetarian and vegan. I made the transition after complications with one of my chickens and I struggled with committing fully for years. I still allow myself grace to this day. I feel like if more vegan activists where more understanding of the transition, more people would be open to shift.

Ive devoted years of my life to bettering my dietary and lifestyle choices and now I want to reach out to you and teach you everything I have mastered.

This program is PERFECT for…

  • the woman who is READY for shifting her diet to a more mindful, conscious, whole-foods, plant-based one.
  • the woman who is needing a little extra assistance throughout the week and is overwhelmed by the conflicting information on the internet.
  • the momma who is stuck with overthinking plant-based diets and how to make the shift without fear.
  • the momma who is ready to level up her own diet and possibly the diet and health of her entire family.
  • the woman not quite ready to commit to a one-on-one or group coaching program, but still needs some help.
  • the woman who needs to pick my brain to help her on her journey.

3 correspondences a week

DIRECT access to me via the Voxer App

instant answers and guidance

daily accountability

ability to send pictures, audio, text and more

This limited-availability, one-of-a-kind program is for women who are serious about making a shift into a more mindful, healthy, cruelty-free, whole-foods, plant-based diet and lifestyle.

This one-of-a-kind package is designed to give you the ability to access my expertise when you don’t have time or resources to commit to a full coaching program. It is designed to give you added love, support, and guidance on your journey.

We will communicate via the Voxer App, which allows you to turn your phone into a walkie-talkie of sorts, send me voice messages, texts, pictures and more, and allow me to respond in the same manner. How cool is that??

You will get the ability to contact me up to 4 times a week and receive direct messages from me in response. So if you’re making dinner and get stuck, hit me up. If you’re grocery shopping and have a question, hit me up. If you’re trying to clear out your pantry and are unsure about some things, hit me up. I’ve got you.

Save $137 with the yearly option!!