Hello everyone!!

My name is Heather Carvey and I’m so happy you’re here.

I’ve always had a passion for food. I used to record episodes from Food Network on my DVR and rush home from work to play them over and over again, scribbling madly in my notebook and going to the kitchen with confidence in hopes of recreating it. There’s something deeply satisfying with creating something beautiful from scratch and giving it to someone you care about just to see the happiness on their face.

It was a passion that fueled my career and ultimately my calling in life.

In 2008 I discovered the Le Cordon Bleu campus in Hollywood, California and enrolled without thinking twice.

I excelled in school. I even graduated with high honors and perfect attendance. I went on to work in some highly recognized companies such as Animal restaurant and Deuces Catering.

As much as I loved cooking, being on the side lines or stuck in the back of the house destroyed what had ignited my passion: seeing the looks on their faces. I also gained 25 pounds in school (hello butter!), so I decided I needed to pursue not only embarking on my own business venture, but one that would teach people to cook healthy and amazing meals at home.

I decided a more natural and holistic approach was what I was looking for. Teach people to be healthy, not feed them duck fat from the back of a restaurant,so I enrolled at Ashford University for a BA in Complementary and Alternative Health with a minor in entrepreneurship. 313922_10151273313121038_896673129_n10660315_10152488282911888_387573666711310299_n
I had my first daughter in my freshman year of college and my whole world changed.

I found myself researching food labels and holistic remedies. I dove headfirst into placenta encapsulation and how to make baby food. I wanted my baby to be healthy and happy and strong.

During the course of my motherhood, I found my calling with IIN (the Institute of Integrative Nutrition). I was always the one people came to for advice, but I never realized it could be a career. I couldnt be happier with that choice. And now I get to extend my knowledge and hand to people across the world.

I’ve studied everything from TCM, over 100 dietary theories, Ayurveda, raw, vegan, macrobiotic, paleo, organics, lifestyle management techniques, relaxation therapy, and beyond. I know how to steam, broil, bake, grill, roast, and more. Food, nutrition, nature and health are my passion, my life, my soul, but I wasnt always like this.

Growing up, my diet was atrocious. Bologna and yellow mustard on white bread sandwiches, a can of coke in my lunchbox with lays potato chips, junk food and nutrient-less food everywhere. I had to learn from scratch.

We’re all on a journey in some way or another.

Helping other busy women and mothers find their confidence in the kitchen and the knowledge to create happier healthier lives is mine.

My passion is helping people gain more confidence in the kitchen, taking back control over their happiness and being the best version of themselves that they didnt think was possible.  Small victories like getting a 4 year old to not only drink fresh made vegetable juice at home, but know how to make it. Creating lunches and breakfast for the pickiest of eaters. Planning your meals for the week to ensure success with sticking to a healthier diet until it becomes routine.

Its all about the baby steps. I took them to get here, and I can show you how too.