While working on my courses and my business, I was talking with a few friends in a mastermind group that I’m in and discussing how to merge my love of cooking and my love of spirituality and I couldnt put my finger on why it was so difficult to merge the two until it dawned on me…
I couldnt merge the two because they arent 2. Theyre 1. Theyre connected.
Cooking, for me, is spiritual. Its meditative.
At first, like any meditative practice, you sit there, trying to be quiet, and your brain doesnt shut off. You stare at the wall, thinking “what the hell am I doing? I need to do laundry. Has it been 5 minutes yet? I dont feel calmer. I wonder if my neighbors heard my kid screaming this morning. Why is she always screaming? That reminds me I need to call the girlscout troop leader to find out if they need my help this weekend. Oh crap this weekend! I have a dentist appointment. Wait. Im supposed to be meditating. What exactly am I supposed to be feeling again?”…. Sound about right?
The same goes with cooking, I find. When I started, my mind was a wreck. How do I do this? Is this supposed to taste like this? How come my food doesnt look like the recipe on tv? What if no one wants to eat this? I should just order food. Why did i think I could cook this?….
But the more I got in there, the more I found a sense of peace. The less I stopped thinking and started recognizing the ebb and flow of the kitchen. Of how I could create things with my hands. How I could engage all of my senses. The crack of the egg, the textures of onion peel under my fingers, the smell of mushrooms browning in butter, the visual aspect of a rainbow of colors dancing in the pan. Everything had such beauty and in that beauty, I could shut off the world.
I could turn off the pain I saw in the newsfeed. I could turn off my self-criticisms. I could do something productive that made me have a strong sense of self and pride and accomplishment but at the same time I could shut myself off. That part of me that stresses and worries. The part of me that struggles to find balance in my day, or peace and calm in the midst of a temper tantrum. The part of me that forgets to find joy in small things throughout my day.
When I look back, every time I couldnt figure something out, every time I would get stressed or stuck, I went to the kitchen. Or the grocery store. I went to a space where I could be free and create and turn off my brain for a minute and just be. Food for some is comfort. There is so much truth in this. But can the actual act of making the food be comfort as well? I honestly feel like its more. Or one in the same.
So when I sit and think about how to bring my spiritual practice in with my cooking courses… its a concept I cant quite grasp because they arent separate for me. They’re interwoven.
Cooking is extremely spiritual in itself. You have to learn to trust yourself. You have to learn to forgive. You have to learn to trust the process. You have to learn to go with the flow. You have to learn to release and not push against with resistance.
One of the first things you learn in culinary school is to keep your knives sharp because when a knife is dull, you push harder against it and end up slipping and hurting yourself. But if you keep it sharp, it slides effortlessly through the food like its melting into it. And in doing that you hurt yourself less. Its very spiritual. In life when we resist and push against it and try to force things, we end up getting hurt. We struggle and fight against the current and wonder why nothing is working right, nothing is happening the way we want it to, nothing is flowing. Because you’re fighting it.
When we cook, the knife becomes an extension of our hand. It becomes part of you. It flows with your energy and you find a sense of calm and peace. How can this not be meditative?
The food you eat literally becomes who you are. It becomes, on a scientific level, your cellular structure. It literally becomes you. And if you take that a step further, you understand that all of mother nature and the world and everything in it is energy. Everything is vibrating. Everything is humming. Some stuff vibrates at a lower frequency and some higher. The lower vibrational stuff is the gunk we get stuck in. Its negative thoughts and pessimism and criticism and complaining. Its being closed minded and judgmental and hurtful. And when we operate at this lower vibrational frequency, we attract lower vibrational things into our life. Like our car randomly gets a flat right when the electric bill is overdue and your bank account is negative….
Like attracts like…
Its like a tuning fork. So when youre in that low vibration, youre sending signals out to bring more low vibration into your life. In order to attract the higher vibrational stuff, you have to think and act on that energy level. And as humans thats so hard isnt it?
Some stuff that lowers our vibration is so easy to fix. The mind stuff can be harder, but did you know you can cultivate higher frequency from what you put in and on your body as well? YES! Food, drinks, stuff we put on our skin… it all changes our frequency.
Eating junk and processed foods, drinking alcohol, doing drugs, using chemicals…. it all fogs down our energy. It lowers our vibration. Its clogging the system highways that allow energy to ebb and flow into our lives…
So again, how can cooking not be spiritual?
Cooking and food in itself IS spirituality. Its meditative. Its raising our vibrational frequency. Its connecting with our inner selves and finding peace and forgiveness in ourselves. Learning to love ourselves at a primal level. Cooking is powerful and beautiful and empowering and encompassing.
Cooking is spirituality. Spirituality is cooking. Its a practice we build on, like yoga, or any other art. We dont wake up knowing exactly how to do it. We learn and craft our skills and build with time. Trust the process. Accept the journey.
Love & Light,